Doylestown/Flemington Service Resumes For First Time Since March 2020

Bethlehem, PA – After almost a year and a half of suspended service, Trans-Bridge Lines will resume bus routes on its Doylestown/Flemington Schedule beginning Monday, August 16, 2021. The return-to-service comes after carefully surveying passengers who wish to use the service from areas in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, as well as areas in New Jersey such as Flemington, Branchburg, and Lambertville.

“We paid careful attention in redesigning this schedule as we needed to be mindful of how passengers use service on these routes. We have a mix of passengers who utilize our buses for, both, commuting and leisure purposes,” said Trans-Bridge Lines president Tom JeBran. “Our team wanted to offer the best times that serve the most customers. It is necessary to begin with limited service until we build the ridership back. Our intention is to carefully monitor passenger counts and the needs of our customers, with the goal of adding service and making adjustments in September. We are certainly pleased to be offering these routes again.”

Trans-Bridge Lines will begin this service with two weekday routes and two weekend routes. Schedules may be viewed on the company’s website at

“Our customers have expressed their gratitude and relief to have this service back,” said Mark Ertel, director of operations. “Depending on performance, we are aiming to expand service to include stops at Sanofi Pasteur in Bridgewater; MetLife in Flemington; and Frenchtown, New Jersey sometime in September, in addition to including more options to the existing schedule.”

Trans-Bridge Lines continues enforcing the federal mandate that face coverings must be worn while traveling aboard over-the-road buses. With concerns over the Delta variant of Covid-19, they wish to assure their passengers that their Commitment to Clean remains a priority.

“We are maintaining a high level of attention to the daily sanitizing of buses, optimization of airflow, and hydrostatically spraying motorcoaches with an antimicrobial solution, said Jerry Featherman, maintenance manager, “Our shop and wash bay workers diligently follow a checklist for each motorcoach they service. We want all our passengers and employees to feel safe when traveling with us.”

Trans-Bridge Lines’ Commitment to Clean and all other Covid-19 information, may be viewed from the Home page of their website.