Trans-Bridge Lines Reservations

Trans-Bridge Lines is transitioning to a reservation-based company.
This means passengers must book their boarding passes for the exact run, day, and time they
intend to travel or reschedule their ticket to the proper run.

With a reservation, passengers have a confirmed seat on the bus run they have purchased.

Reservation Status:

Doylestown/Flemington Schedule
Reservations only

Wall Street Schedule
Reservations only

Allentown/Clinton/New York Schedule
Newark Airport Schedule

Wind Creek Bethlehem Schedule
Reservations begin Monday, December 18, 2023

In order to prepare for traveling under a reservation system, please be aware of these key points and terms of ticket use:

  • Be sure to book the exact run, day, and time you intend to board. If your travel plans change, you will be required to reschedule your boarding pass to the correct run.
  • A rescheduling fee of $2.00 per ticket will be charged for all One-Way and Round-Trip tickets. This fee does not apply to Commuter Passes.
  • Customers with tickets for another run, who wish to board, will be considered standby passengers. Standby passengers are defined as passengers arriving without a ticket, an incorrect ticket, a New Jersey Transit ticket, or those who intend to pay a Cash Fare.
  • Standby passengers will have the opportunity to purchase their tickets online via their smartphones if there is seat availability. If there is no seat availability, standby passengers will need to purchase a ticket for the next available bus. They may board the booked bus if a confirmed passenger does not arrive within five minutes of departure. At that time, the driver will scan the existing ticket’s QR code and allow you to board.
  • Passengers booked for any run should arrive approximately 15 minutes early and within five minutes of departure to avoid losing their seat to a standby passenger.
  • If you cannot make your scheduled run, you are expected to reschedule the ticket. One-Way and Round-Trip tickets are valid for the date and time of travel and will become null and void if not used on that date. All One-Way and Round-Trip tickets will no longer be valid for six months.
  • Commuters have 16 hours to reschedule boarding passes after a missed run. After that time, the boarding pass will become null and void, as the scheduled run was reserved for you and unused, representing the loss of a sold seat on the bus.
  •  One-Way and Round-Trip tickets may be rescheduled up to 30 minutes before departure.
  • Commuter Passes will continue to be valid for the same terms of use, depending on the number of trips purchased:
    30 calendar days on 10 and 20-trip passes

    33 calendar days on 30-trip passes
    34 calendar days on 40-trip passes
  • Reservations offer confirmed seating on the bus, but not a particular seat.

Please note:

  • We encourage passengers to book their tickets online when traveling from the Port Authority Bus Terminal on the Doylestown/Flemington Schedule. Any tickets purchased at the New Jersey Transit ticket windows at the Port will be considered standby seating until we convert our ticket sales at the location.
  • Trans-Bridge Lines will be flexible with ticket use during our transitional periods. We will work together with our passengers to address all questions, concerns, and situations that may arise.