Airport Information

Getting you to your flight.

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Newark Airport Schedules

The below schedules are effective Monday, June 5, 2023, and until further notice.

To Newark Airport

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From Newark Airport

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Pick Up and Drop Off Information

Trans-Bridge Lines picks up and drops off passengers on the Lower Level of Newark Airport as follows:

Terminal A – On the Lower Level HOV Roadway according to time on the schedule; bus arrives at Terminal B – on the Lower Level HOV Roadway two (2) minutes after Terminal A; bus arrives at Terminal C – on the Lower Level HOV Roadway four (4) minutes after Terminal A.

At Terminal A, our passengers will be directed to our location via electronic signs. At Terminals B & C, passengers should look for our metal Trans-Bridge Lines signs, marking our location.
Notice: Our bus stop at Terminal A has been relocated from Bus Zone 13 at Terminal A to Bus Zone 17. This move has been made to manage congestion at the Airport and is a permanent change. Our stops at Terminal B and C are not affected.
Additional Notice: Trans-Bridge Lines does not offer service between Newark Airport and New York City. We also do not offer service to JFK or LaGuardia Airports.