Pricing information

For our regular customers.

Multi-Ride Commuter Pricing

Trans-Bridge Lines offers Multi-Ride Commuter Passes, which are sold at a greatly discounted rate for our customers who use our service regularly as commuters.

Commuter Passes are available in increments of 10, 20, 30, and 40 trips. These increments indicate the total amount of one-way trips available per pass. For example, a 40-trip pass is equal to 20 round-trips.

Commuter Passes are available online at and at all Authorized Ticket Agent locations except the Port Authority Bus Terminal and Newark Airport.

All Commuter Passes are valid for 30 calendar days from the date of purchase. An extended expiration period of three (3) calendar days is given on 30-trip passes, and four (4) calendar days on 40-trip passes.

Trans-Bridge Lines Commuter Passes may not be shared.

June 2024 Commuter Fares

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July 2024 Commuter Fares

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Commuter Pass Refunds

Unused Commuter/Multi-Ride tickets must be submitted for refund prior to expiration.

Unused Commuter/Multi-Ride tickets submitted for refund will lose their discount. Valid, partially used commuter tickets will be refunded by first subtracting the full one-way adult fare value multiplied by the number of used tickets from the actual sales price of the original discounted sales amount. At times this will result in no refund of partially used commuter tickets.

Should a refund exist after loss of discount there will be a 5% service charge applied to the total remaining value of unused tickets.