The Lehigh Valley is a cool place. The area includes Phillipsburg, New Jersey and the two counties of Lehigh and Northampton with Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton as the big cities there. Perfectly positioned between New York City and Philadelphia, it is the ideal area for industry. Couple that with a nice quality of living – culture, education, natural beauty – and you have a thriving region, great for raising a family.

The “valley” is enjoying regular growth in business, job prospects and population. A strong infrastructure to support that includes transportation. With over 103,000 Lehigh Valley residents working outside the area and over 97,000 people traveling to the Lehigh Valley for work, commuter and travelers need solid transportation choices(1).

Bus companies offer transportation that is free of parking hassles and gives you valuable time to spend working or resting. Taking the bus is also one less car on the road and living near New York City and Philadelphia, that is especially important.

In terms of the environment, buses use, on average, almost 10% less energy per mile than the average automobile. Buses get an average of 280 passenger miles per gallon of diesel. Therefore, by using motorcoach transportation, you are reducing your carbon footprint in a way no other transportation mode can offer(2).

Here is a short list of bus companies that service New York City and/or Philadelphia from Lehigh Valley points:

  1. Fullington Trailways. Offers daily and weekend service to New York City and Philadelphia from Allentown and Easton. Limited commuter times. Online ticketing available. 570-459-0787 |
  2. Greyhound. Offers daily and weekend service to New York City from Easton and Allentown and Philadelphia from Easton. Times are not consistent with typical commuter traveling needs. Easton: 610-923-6835 | Allentown: 610-434-6188 |
  3. Klein Transportation. Offers daily service to New York City from Wescosville, Hellertown, and Muhlenberg through a partnership with OurBus. Tickets must be purchased online at 800-451-6700 |
  4. Martz Group. Daily service to Philadelphia from Allentown and Quakertown. Tickets may be purchased in-person at agent locations or online at their website.
    570-821-3800 |
  5. Trans-Bridge Lines. Offering daily commuter service, as well as midday and weekend service, to New York City from several towns including Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Hellertown, Wescosville as well as stops at Lehigh Valley Airport (ABE). Additional service areas include Buck’s County, PA and New Jersey points in Hunterdon and Warren Counties. Philadelphia service is not available. Tickets available from several agent locations and in most cases, directly from the motorcoach driver as a cash fare. Multi-ride commuter books available at discounted rates. 610-868-6001 |









In summary, the Lehigh Valley is well-served by bus companies that fit the needs of all. Whether you are a commuter to the cities or travel for pleasure, our featured companies fit offer a fit to meet your needs.

1  Source: Becky Bradley (2019), ‘Your View by the Lehigh  Valley Planning Commission: Where Do We Commute to Work? You Might Be Surprised’, The Morning Call,  March 24.
2  Source: ABA American Bus Association Foundation. ‘Get to Know  the Real Green Transportation’, summary/environment