Trans-Bridge Lines Moves All Service to Reservations

Trans-Bridge Lines motorcoach company of Bethlehem announced that it will fully operate under a reservations system beginning Monday, December 18. All trips offer passengers a confirmed bus for the travel date and time booked.

“We are excited to move our Allentown/Clinton/New York Schedules to the reservation system on the 18th,” says Jim JeBran, Executive Vice President/Treasurer of Trans-Bridge Lines. “This is our final transition in being a fully reservation-based company and it is the first time in our history that we will function completely with reservations.”

The company, which has run with a first-come, first-served model, will now provide passengers with the security of knowing that a seat on the bus is saved for them. Customers will no longer need to arrive extra early to secure their place in line for boarding. When a bus run reaches full capacity, sales for that route will no longer be open for booking or another bus may be added to accommodate more passengers, dependent upon motorcoach drivers and bus availability.

“Giving our riders a dependable and fluid travel experience is what we know is best for the future,” says JeBran, “Reservations are an industry-wide move that most bus companies have already made or are in the process of converting to. It is now the standard for bus travel.”

“With this move, we are better able to track and predict travel trends,” says Mark Ertel, Vice President of Operations. “We now have the tools to better plan for heavier used routes and holiday travel.”

In addition to confirmed seating, the company continues to work closely with its technology vendor, Transcor Data Services, to provide system enhancements specifically geared for its passengers’ needs.

“We have the advantage of working with the TDS team on this smart platform,” JeBran said, “They allow the functionality of making precise adjustments to our system or to add completely new features that our customers request. We are encouraged in knowing we will always have that flexibility and our technology will always be up-to-date.”

Trans-Bridge Lines encourages passengers to create online accounts in order to manage their own travel experiences in purchasing and rescheduling tickets, using credits, and storing payment methods. Passengers will also still have the choice to buy tickets online or visit any of the company’s authorized ticket agent locations.