Trans-Bridge Lines Relocates to the Allentown Transportation Center

Bethlehem, PA – Trans-Bridge Lines, the Lehigh Valley’s premier motorcoach company, has announced that beginning Monday, March 6, it will move its Allentown stop from the, now-closed, Allentown Bus Terminal to the Allentown Transportation Center (ATC), located at 603 Linden Street. Drop-off and pick-ups will operate from Platform C at the location. Until March 6, the company will continue to use the Bus Terminal as its stop.

Trans-Bridge Lines has worked with the City of Allentown and LANTA to utilize the transportation center.

“The ATC acts as a vital transportation hub for the residents of Allentown and the surrounding area. With Fullington Trailways, Martz Bus, Greyhound, and LANTA already operating from the location, we felt it was a natural fit for us as well,” stated Trans-Bridge Lines President, Tom JeBran, “We chose to make this move as a means for all transportation providers to be in one central location. We are excited about this change and thank the City of Allentown and LANTA for their assistance in making this
relocation possible. We appreciate their cooperation in working with our operations team.”

In addition to the new location, passengers may purchase tickets at the Transportation Center via the LANTA ticket window located across from Platform B near Dunkin’. The ticket window is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and is staffed by LANTA employees who will sell Trans-Bridge Lines tickets on the company’s behalf.

“This location will offer our passengers an easily accessible location,’ said Director of Operations, Mark Ertel, “The hub offers protection from inclement weather, 24-hour on-site security, and a parking garage attached to the terminal.”

Passengers are encouraged to use Linden Street for quick pickups and drop-offs. The parking garage may also be used for up to 15 minutes free of charge for that purpose. Passengers should be aware that they are not permitted to pick up or drop off directly at Platform C. The platform area is intended for motorcoach use only.

To view schedules, please visit the company’s website at