Trans-Bridge Announces Agreement with Martz and Fullington Trailways

In an effort to provide Philadelphia bus passengers with plenty of schedule choices,Trans-Bridge Lines would like to  announce that an agreement has been reached with Martz Trailways and Fullington Trailways.

This agreement between the three bus companies is a system of cross-honoring tickets. This means that a passenger going southbound or northbound using Philadelphia Service, will be able to ride with any of the three bus companies based on a time that is most convenient for them, as long as they possess a ticket from Trans-Bridge, Martz or Fullington.

One-Way and Round-Trip tickets can simply be handed to the driver when boarding the bus and will be accepted as long as the ticket is valid and has not expired. For those in possession of the deeply discounted Trans-Bridge Lines Commuter Books, tickets would be handed to the Fullington or Martz driver along with a $5.00 surcharge. The surcharge is a cash fare and passengers should have exact change. For reasons of safety, driver’s will not carry monies and therefore, cannot make change for customers.

This agreement is aimed to help Philadelphia passengers who were displaced by the closure and/or lack of service from their past transportation companies. By partnering, the bus companies hope to fill in gaps in service, while offering convenient times and flexibility.

For Philadelphia Schedules, individuals may visit the company websites or go to to view schedules for all three companies.

Trans-Bridge Lines, Martz Trailways and Fullington Trailways will continue to monitor passenger counts along Philadelphia runs and make sensible decisions as the need arises. Passengers are always encouraged to check company websites for any changes in service and policies.