Acknowledgement of Beiber Closure

Trans-Bridge Lines acknowledges the closure of Bieber Transportation Group which occurred late Friday afternoon. We are genuinely disheartened by the news that the 72-year-old company has ceased operations.

Trans-Bridge learned of the chain of events when our offices began receiving phone calls late Friday afternoon from schools that had chartered buses and were inquiring about return transportation from their destinations, having been notified of Bieber’s shutdown. Our goal quickly became trying to aid those groups by providing coaches and contacting drivers to run those coaches.

As this time, Trans-Bridge executive members are determining where extra buses can be provided to our New York City service with the expectation that existing routes are going to see an increase in passengers going forward. Information on additional routes and other accommodations will be released as they are determined.

Trans-Bridge understands the need for safe and reliable transportation for those displaced by Bieber’s closure and are committed to making responsible decisions to that end.