Trans-Bridge began running limited service on June 8, 2020, and continues to modify schedules as needed.
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NOTICE, JULY 13, 2020: Governor Phil Murphy today signed Executive Order No. 165, which lifts 50 percent capacity limits on NJ TRANSIT and private-carrier buses, trains, light rail vehicles and Access Link vehicles, and now requires that NJ TRANSIT and private-carriers limit vehicles to the maximum seated capacity, effective at 8 p.m., Wednesday, July 15.
READ FULL EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 165. Trans-Bridge Lines is now running buses at full capacity.

Covid-19 Disclaimer - Lines - 9-29-20


Lines Extreme Clean - 9-29-JL


Lines - SurfaceWise Fact Sheet - 10-15


Trans-Bridge Lines has replaced the standard main filters on our MCI motorcoaches with the MCI MERV 8 filter. The MERV 8 filter provides protection in capturing respiratory droplets and fine particles in the air. There is an emphasis on optimal air quality as cabin air in the motorcoach is completely exchanged with fresh, outside air approximately every ten (10) minutes. There are two air systems – one for the passenger seating area and another in the driver’s cockpit.

Trans-Bridge has an extensive cleaning checklist which concentrates on the visible touchpoint areas of the coach, including handrails, door latches, window release bars, driver area and restroom surfaces, including door handles. This extensive cleaning is conducted by our wash bay crew. 

This cleaning procedure, in addition to our protocols on face coverings, provides best practices for both our passengers and employees. Remember, face coverings are to be worn when boarding, while the bus is in route, and while deboarding.